The mobile vending company custom designs and manufactures ice cream trikes, pie trikes, hot/cold beverage trikes, ice cream push carts, pie push carts, tuk-tuk modifications for ice cream, hot food vending.

We pride ourselves in the fact that as we are the pioneers to the tricycle and bicycle food vending business in South Africa back in 2006, have been able to develop more heavy-duty sustainable bicycles, tricycles, push carts, and three-wheeler tricycles, food carts for ice cream, pie, popcorn, cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, candy floss vending, as well as for party functions, event management agents, advertising agencies, corporate launches, you name it, we can make any tricycle or bicycle to accommodate your requirements.

We supply many different outlets for ice cream, and ice cream vendors, as ice cream is very popular in our hot South African climate, along with long cold beverage drinks and hot food products.

Our product is very durable, light and easy to pedal along the rough African terrain, while at the same time providing jobs for the general population who are struggling.

Our temperature controlled ice cream, beverage and pie warming units look professional, sleek, classy and do the marketing while taking products into hard-to reach places, at taxi ranks, schools, retirement estates, events, launches, birthdays, weddings, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, hospitals, restaurants, holiday resorts, golf estates and pie outlets and ice cream shops.

Our competitive pricing makes it easy for entrepreneurs and start-ups to both afford, while receiving instant income from day one.

The mobile vending company keeps your business streets ahead of your competitors and on a constant roll!