About Us

Kim-JohnsonI am proud to say that I am the Founder and Pioneer of the Mobile Vending Tricycle, Push Cart and Utility Trike Market in South Africa! Since launching The Mobile Vending Company up in April 2021, my wife and owner and I both support of this company in the fullest sense of the word! Our Passion and Purpose is now being put to great use and while loving what we do, we feel that we are also privileged to be contributing to Job Creation and enriching the lives of those who live on the bread line.

I Custom Design and Manufacture, while Evelyn takes on the Administrative, Marketing and general day to day functions within the business. We compliment each other very well.

Our experience in the business through the has given us much insight into our clients’ needs. We appeal to the Large Corporate Businesses, as well as the middle to Small Business Entrepreneurs, Go Green Environmentally Friendly Project Activation, Marketing Management, Advertising Agencies, Event Management and Street Vendors, and to the Restaurant Industry, Ice Cream Makers, Wine and Whiskey Distillers, Hospitality Industry – Hotels and Bed and Breakfast Industry, the Laundry Industry, Retailers, Water Collection and Waste Collection as well as just recently the Oil Industry, and last but not least, Animal Care Facilities and Special Needs and Physically Challenged Trikes

We pride ourselves in quality and the attention to detail that is taken for the Design, Crafting and Assembling of each Custom-Made Mobile Units.




To provide our customers with value added solutions, while utilizing all available resources to encourage substantial turnover, growth and recognition in today’s world.

To encourage active Job Creation and unlock everyone’s full potential to find their core of Passion and Purpose!


Kim-and-EvelynWe pride ourselves in the fact that we also custom design and manufacture Special Needs Trikes for the Physically Challenged, assisting them to become independent and employed.

By encouraging and supplying to Waste Removal and Go Green Projects for the caring of the environment and educating the local people both in rural and urban areas Worldwide.

Addressing the needs of social upliftment, education, safety, health as well as the environmental and independence linked with self-responsibility.

To establish a prominent Trike culture, by providing quality vending solutions, thus fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, co-creating with our clients and building a relationship with all stakeholders.